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Engaged employees are employees who stay and use their maximum potential. With Home of Progress you ensure committed employees by facilitating better conversations and inviting people to think along. Experience what this could mean for you today.
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"I highly recommend Home of Progress"
Before we started using the application from Home of Progress, we struggled with a lack of structure and focus during our 1-on-1 conversations. Defining clear goals and aligning expectations were major challenges, often leading to inefficiency and frustration within our team. Thanks to the implementation of Home of Progress, we have created a structured framework that simplifies goal setting and improves the alignment of expectations. In addition, the application has enabled us to easily retrieve the net in the organization regarding relevant issues. This has led to valuable insights that have improved our decision-making and effectiveness. I highly recommend Home of Progress to anyone who wants to increase the quality of their internal communication and team collaboration.*
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Stephen Falkenstein
JOIN IT recruitment
"improved growth and development of our staff"
Before we started Home of Progress, our feedback and coaching sessions lacked structure and standardization, with documentation scattered across separate files. Since we implemented Home of Progress, we not only have standardized, automatically scheduled conversations that improve continuity, but both managers and employees experience these conversations as much more pleasant and effective. This has led to improved growth and development of our staff, which was ultimately the goal.*
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Maarten Goedmakers
"a stronger sense of commitment and connection within our team"
Home of Progress has helped us to improve the monthly conversations we have with our employees. The platform helps to automate conversation cycles, properly prepare each conversation and keep documentation in order. We now have easy access to previous conversations and relevant notes, providing better insights and continuity in our interactions. Furthermore, the platform has enabled us to actively involve our employees in important themes within the company. By gathering their input and visibly taking action on their suggestions, we have created a stronger sense of commitment and connection within our team. I would definitely recommend Home of Progress!*
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Loek Zandee
Untapped talent
It is essential to keep employees involved in preventing turnover and making maximum use of employees. In practice, however, this proves to be difficult and many organizations are unable to retain employees for a long period of time and utilize them to maximum effect. Research even shows that 85% of employees in Western Europe do not feel actively involved.
Ineffective interactions
Whether it concerns development conversations, performance conversations or check-ins, in many organizations a lot of time is wasted on ineffective conversations that do not contribute to committed employees and sometimes lead to lower engagement.

Yet these conversations can also make an important contribution to more committed employees.
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Lost insights
Documentation takes time and so does gathering valuable insights from employees. That is why this often only happens to a limited extent or not at all. This is a problem, because valuable information is lost and the development of employees and the organization is hampered.
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Low commitment to the organization
Almost every organization has goals and plans to achieve these goals. Nevertheless, many employees appear to feel little commitment to these goals and plans. This means that employees identify less with the organization and are less motivated to implement the plans and achieve the goals.
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Imagine an organization where every employee is an engaged employee. This is an organization where employees make maximum efforts to achieve organizational goals and where their bond with the organization ensures that they stay for a long time.

In this organization, effective interactions are facilitated, insights are collected and stored efficiently, and employees have the opportunity to think along.
Effective interactions
Ineffective conversations turn into powerful dialogues that directly contribute to employee engagement. Every conversation is purposeful, inspiring and promotes personal and professional development.

From formal assessments to informal check-ins, every conversation helps employees grow faster and gives them the feeling of being heard and valued.
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Every voice is heard
In an organization where every voice is heard and valuable insights are captured, you cultivate a culture in which employees feel heard and valued. This is the culture in which employees are involved and that people want to be part of.

In addition, you create an environment in which a large number of diverse ideas are expressed, effectively laying the foundation for innovation.
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Strong connection
When the connection between employees and with the organization is strong, commitment will be high. In this situation, employees look beyond themselves and care for each other and for the goals of the organization.

Employees feel involved in the direction of the organization and are used to thinking along and taking initiative to help the organization move forward.
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The platform
An intuitive platform that offers an environment through two unique modules that allows employees to have better conversations, capture valuable insights and strengthen connections with the organization.

In short, a platform that promotes employee engagement.
Connect module
Connect employees by facilitating better conversations. Design recurring or one-off 1-on-1 interactions where AI can be used to create the right preparation and documentation for each conversation.

Easily retrieve information from previous interactions, supplemented with relevant notes and documents in one intuitive overview for every employee.
Involve module
Activate employees by giving them a voice and allowing them to actively think along with the organization. This way you collect valuable input on themes that are relevant to the organization and employees feel that they are involved.

Using convenient overviews, you can easily convert the acquired input into concrete follow-up and let your employees know what happens to their votes.
The benefits
Increased employee engagement leads to a strong increase in productivity and retention
Valuable insights guide the involvement and development of employees
Improved connection between employees and organization so that everyone runs in the same direction
We see that talent is only partially utilized in many organizations and that an important cause of this is the limited engagement of employees. As founders of Home of Progress, we, Roy and Menno, strive to get the most out of employees by increasing engagement.

We have both experienced first-hand how crucial engagement is for developing successful teams and for optimal use of talent. With a passion for personal development, we contribute to organizations where employees utilize their maximum potential.